Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adopting Special Needs

What does Special Needs Mean?

I will share with you what I have learned about the term, "Special Needs."

Special needs does not necessarily mean that there are medical issues or mental issues with a child.
Some agencies refer to adoptable children as special needs because they are either over the age of five or are a part of a sibling group.
Now some may have physical, emotional, or even mental issues, but this is not the term that is used to describe their health in any way.

A child over the age of five or even below that age may still have a tremendous amount of issues. At that age, they are being adopted because they have been removed from their birth families for a particular reason or reasons. Perhaps their birth parents have passed away, or perhaps they were just found un stable. There could be many reasons for the child being adoptable. Of course there will be issues. they are considered special needs because they have special needs.
They may need a tremendous amount of attention they never had, they may have grieving issues to face and more.... but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are impaired in any way.

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