Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoption Hardships and Struggles

There are many struggles that adopted children may have to overcome....
For instance, some children that may have been taken out of their homes may be facing the "fight or flight.... fight for survival" issues. This means that perhaps in their former home home they may have had little or no parental care.
In the home of my youngest child, his crying or whining was ceased by handing him food instead of satisfying his needs to be comforted. There were no regular meals, but food was handed over in large amounts to pacify him. In our home, he tends to sneak food, though we've worked on a balanced diet with him now for almost a year. He still feels he needs food as comfort.
This "fight for Survival" may be different in other cases. In some cases they may not have been fed much or even nothing at all. They may binge just because they are worried about their next meal. Or perhaps, they may not want to eat at all. Our oldest son had an eating disorder when he came to our care. He was eight years old and weighed 35 pounds. He was very thin and weak. We had to build up his tolerance for food a little at a time. He did eventually catch up but he is still, after six years, heads below other kids his age and very, very thin.
Some of these kids have had a terrible amount of trauma in their lives, and need proper guidance to a happy healthy life style.

A parenting guide is available at the link below:

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