Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoption And ODD

Adopting a child with ODD....

Let me tell you a bit about my child with ODD. (oppositional defiance disorder)
Our adopted son was diagnosed with ODD and severe RADD. The ODD basically means that the child will do the complete opposite of what you want them to do, and deliberately defy you.
We had a rough time with this child. He was always intro things he knew he was not allowed to be into, like my sewing machine. He wound the thread so tight inside that it was practically repairable.
Another example, I left the room for ten minutes tops! In this time He had taken the lid off my 55 gallon fish tank, drug all the decorations out on the floor, had the air hoses and filters out, and was catching fish with his hands! Some were on the floor!
Now he is not a toddler. He was 11 years old! There was water and fish all over the floor. What a mess!
He was in trouble for this, of course, but it didn't stop. He did this several other times!
At night while we were sleeping, he took scissors from the kitchen. He cut a cross in his window screen. (you can imagine our frustration) (we built our house brand new only a year before) He cut fringe the whole way across his valance in his window, he cut his pillow case into tiny pieces and hid it through out the room. He carved his name in the bed.
It took me a while to find all his works. I found things day by day and he always said he didn't know who could have done it. You can't even imagine how angry I was. My husband and I worked our lives to get our home and he enjoyed destroying it!
He would deny my accusations, scream, swear at me, and bang his head wherever he could, like the hole he put in my new bathroom wall with his head.
It was a very long, hard road we drove with this boy. Though things have improved a great deal with him, it will still be a long road. The battle is not exactly won yet.

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